Top 6 Natural Attractions of Inverness

Being an avid traveler, you must be looking for a new place to explore. Why don’t you give a chance to Inverness this time? You can count on Inverness to rejuvenate yourselves after a long and tedious routine. Inverness is full of natural attractions, and if you have not yet planned to visit such places, then you are missing out an attractive place. Your travel diary would be incomplete without visiting these places. Don’t forget to take your high definition camera with you to capture long-lasting memories of your trip with your loved ones. I am going to let you know about attractive places of Inverness which you need to see. So mark these places to make your journey best.


Your trip won’t be complete if you haven’t checked seashores of Loch Ness. You will see a breath-taking view of Castle Urquhart. Have you ever read about Loch Ness monster story? Don’t forget to read that you will get to know about this place in detail. Nessie is situated in the south west of Inverness. This area is known for spectacular scenery so don’t forget to visit this.

Cawdor Castle

This castle was built as a private fort and still owned by Cawdor family. You will get to know about detail interior of this castle. This castle would be a fantastic place to spend time with your loved ones. Get a car hire from Inverness airport to reach there because this one will make your journey convenient than a bus

Glen Ord Distillery

This distillery was founded in the mid-19th century. You don’t need to go several miles from Inverness just a short bus ride would take you there. This one would be amazing for you do you know why?  You will get to know about the process of making malt whiskey. This one is a signature whiskey of Glen Ord’s. You would get a broad range of varieties here.

Dolphin and Seal Centre

This place is situated at North Kessock. This place is open seven days in a week, and you would get a chance to see bottle-nose Dolphin. If you haven’t seen this site yet, then don’t forget to mark this place on your traveling list because this one is worth watching.

Eden Court Theatre

Do you love to see contemporary architecture? This place would be an excellent choice where you can see a broad range of architects.  This site was opened in 1970 with renovation and reopened with two theatre spaces. So you will have a great time for opera, musicals, films and dramatic theatre there.

Battle of Culloden

This site was built in the memory of final battle in 1745. This place is featuring interactive historical things for all ages. You would love to walk here in the battlefield. It will be a great experience for you so mark this one also to visit.

These are the top natural attractions of the Inverness. Your journey will be incomplete without visiting these so if you want to make your trip convenient then get a service of car rental in Inverness. Several companies are offering these services at affordable prices.